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New Agriculture Products

The ECoLaSS prototype for agriculture is a new product that is not yet present in the HRL 2015 portfolio or part of the HRL 2018 ITT. User requirements have been gathered throughout the runtime of the ECoLaSS project which showed that there is a signgificant interest in an agricultural HRL product, however, there are no clear requirements yet from user or stakeholder side on the specifications of such a product. The main requirements that are being addressed are:

  • Input Data: Complete Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 time series

  • Production: High level automation for the classification

  • Product definition: New status layers Crop Mask and Crop Type Map for a potential implementation in the frame of future HRLs on pixel level at 10m spatial resolution.

  • Methodology: Design a fully integrated SAR/optical time series analysis approach to benefit from the multi-sensor characteristics.

Based on these requirements two prototypes have been developed related to a potential future HRL Agriculture as part of WP 44: a crop mask (CRM) status layer at 10m spatial resolution and an crop type (CRT) status layer at 10m. A detailed product description is available for download here. The prototypes are available in a WMS viewing service hosted at Furthermore the complete prototype data sets are available for download in GeoTiff format below.




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