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Improved Forest Prototypes

The ECoLaSS prototypes for forest are based on the exisiting HRL2015 Forest product definitions and aim at delivering improved production concepts and enhanced products while considering various user requirements regarding the input EO and ancillary data base applied, the speed of HRL production and enhanced forest data characteristics. In detail, the following requests have been addressed:

  • Input Data: Use of complete Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 time series instead of applying a limited temporal EO data coverage of pre-selected, best-suited EO data scenes;

  • Production: Improved level of automation to allow a faster production and shorter monitoring intervals for future yearly incremental updates;

  • Product definition: Improved thematic classification accuracy; enhanced spatial resolution of10m; refined change detection approach to identify both increase and decrease of forest areas;

  • Methodology: Application of an integrated SAR/optic time series data analysis to benefit from the multi-sensor characteristics and ability for gap filling of clouds.

Based on these requirements, two prototypes have been developed related to the HRL Forest as part of WP 42: an improved dominant leaf type (DLT ) status layer at 10m spatial resolution and an incremental forest cover change layer. A detailed product description is available for download here. The prototypes are available in a WMS viewing service hosted at Furthermore the complete prototype data sets are available for download in GeoTiff format below.




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