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New LC/LU Products

The prototypes for new LC/LU products are more related to the potential evolution of the CLC datasets. User improvements required were taking into account, since the 2018 ITT is not released yet, and they can be listed as follows:

  • Input data: Use of one-year coverage of Sentinel 2 data only to accomodate future yearly updates optical data

  • Production: Improved level of automation for faster production

  • Definition: Thematic harmonization between pan-European and global layers

One prototype was developed for the WP 45: a new land cover (NLC) layer at 10m, with 7 classes (grassland, cropland, forest, water, urban area, bare soil and natural grassland) which will be modified in Phase II in order to take into account the latest recommendations of CLC+ workshops. A detailed product description is available for download here. The prototypes are available in a WMS viewing service hosted at Furthermore the complete prototype data sets are available for download in GeoTiff format below.






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