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Prototype Overview


The high resolution layer prototypes of the ECoLaSS project are produced in five main thematic areas for the test-sites described here. Each prototype is produced in 10m resolution based on Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 time-series.

Click on each topic area for more details or explore the preliminary prototypes interactively below.













​Prototype Evolution


The prototypes developed in the ECoLaSS project advance the Copernicus HRLs in a number of ways and contribute additional products which have been identified during the requirements review (Task 2). The following table gives a very general overview over these improvements of the ECoLaSS HRL prototypes over the existing Copernicus Land Monitoring Service HRLs. A more detailed account of these improvements, as well as improvements to the upcoming iteration of 2018 HRLs is available here.

Prototype Preview


The ECoLaSS prototypes are available in full in GeoTiff format in the individual thematic sub-sections. A viewing service serving WMS overlays is made available at Integrate ECoLaSS into your local GIS or any capable WMS viewer by connecting to

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