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H2020 Project Exchange Meeting with EEEs at EC-REA in Brussels, November 15th, 2018

During an exchange meeting of CLMS-related H2020 projects and Copernicus Entrusted Entities in Brussels on November 15th 2018 the current status and future plans of ECoLaSS were successfully presented together with the three H2020 sister projects Sensagri, MULTIPLY, and EO4AGRI. This was a great opportunity to not only exchange among each other, but to get in contact directly with representatives of DG GROW as well as the European Environmental Agency (EEA) and Joint Research Center (JRC), which represent the European Entrusted Entities, and are as such part as stakeholders to the ECoLaSS project.

Exchange meeting between ECoLaSS and its sister projects Sensagri, MULTIPLY, and EO4AGRI and representatives of DG GROW, JRC, and EEA © Virginia Puzzolo

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