This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement no 730008.

Project Deliverables

All the work carried out in ECoLaSS is reported in detail in dedicated Deliverables, most of which are publicly available below. While Task 2 and especially Task 5 Deliverables primarily address decision-makers and stakeholders, Task 3 and Task 4 Deliverables are intended for technical audiences and product developers. The Task 6 Deliverables are complementary to the Scientific Publications.

TASK 2: Consolidation of Copernicus Land Evolution Requirements

Deliverable D3.2 - Service Evolution Requirements Report Vol. 2

Deliverable D4.2 - EO and other Data Requirements Report Vol. 2

Deliverable D5.2 - Service Infrastructure / Architecture Requirements Report Vol. 2

​TASK 3: Automated High Data Volume Processing Lines


Deliverable D6.1 - Methods Compendium: Sentinel-1/2/3 Integration Strategies Vol. 2

Deliverable D7.2 - Methods Compendium: Time Series Preparation Vol. 2

Deliverable D8.1 - Methods Compendium: Time Series Analysis for Thematic Classification Vol. 2

Deliverable D9.1 - Methods Compendium: Time Series Analysis for Change Detection Vol. 2

Deliverable D10.1 - Methods Compendium: HRL Time Series Consistency for HRL Product (incremental) Updates Vol. 2

​TASK 4: Thematic Proof-of-Concept / Prototype on Continental / Global Scale


Deliverable D11.1 - Prototype Report: Time Series-derived Indicators and Variables Vol. 2

Deliverable D12.1 - Prototype Report: Consistent HR Layer Time Series/Incremental Updates Vol. 2

Deliverable D13.1 - Prototype Report: Improved Permanent Grassland Vol. 2

Deliverable D14.1 - Prototype Report: Crop Area and Crop Status/Parameters Vol. 2
Deliverable D15.1 - Prototype Report: New LC/LU Products Vol. 2


TASK 5: Operationalisation Framework

Deliverable D16.3 Stakeholder Consultation Report Vol. 3

Deliverable D17.2 Report on Candidates for Operational Roll-out Vol. 2

Deliverable D18.2 Integration Plan into the Copernicus Service Architecture Vol. 2

Deliverable D18.3 White Paper on Copernicus Land Evolution Vol. 2

TASK 6: Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

Deliverable D19.3 - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan Vol. 2

Deliverable D19.5 - Collection of Communication and Dissemination Materials Vol. 2