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Project Deliverables

All the work carried out in ECoLaSS is reported in detail in dedicated Deliverables, most of which are publicly available below. While Task 2 and especially Task 5 Deliverables primarily address decision-makers and stakeholders, Task 3 and Task 4 Deliverables are intended for technical audiences and product developers. The Task 6 Deliverables are complementary to the Scientific Publications.

TASK 2: Consolidation of Copernicus Land Evolution Requirements

Deliverable D3.2 - Service Evolution Requirements Report Vol. 2

Deliverable D4.2 - EO and other Data Requirements Report Vol. 2

Deliverable D5.2 - Service Infrastructure / Architecture Requirements Report Vol. 2

​TASK 3: Automated High Data Volume Processing Lines


Deliverable D6.2 - Methods Compendium: Sentinel-1/2/3 Integration Strategies Vol. 2

Deliverable D7.2 - Methods Compendium: Time Series Preparation Vol. 2

Deliverable D8.2 - Methods Compendium: Time Series Analysis for Thematic Classification Vol. 2

Deliverable D9.2 - Methods Compendium: Time Series Analysis for Change Detection Vol. 2

Deliverable D10.2 - Methods Compendium: HRL Time Series Consistency for HRL Product (incremental) Updates Vol. 2

​TASK 4: Thematic Proof-of-Concept / Prototype on Continental / Global Scale


Deliverable D11.2 - Prototype Report: Time Series-derived Indicators and Variables Vol. 2

Deliverable D12.2 - Prototype Report: Consistent HR Layer Time Series/Incremental Updates Vol. 2

Deliverable D13.2 - Prototype Report: Improved Permanent Grassland Vol. 2

Deliverable D14.2 - Prototype Report: Crop Area and Crop Status/Parameters Vol. 2
Deliverable D15.2 - Prototype Report: New LC/LU Products Vol. 2


TASK 5: Operationalisation Framework

Deliverable D16.3 Stakeholder Consultation Report Vol. 4

Deliverable D17.2 Report on Candidates for Operational Roll-out Vol. 2

Deliverable D18.2 Integration Plan into the Copernicus Service Architecture Vol. 2

Deliverable D18.4 White Paper on Copernicus Land Evolution Vol. 2

TASK 6: Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

Deliverable D19.3 - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan Vol. 2

Deliverable D19.5 - Collection of Communication and Dissemination Materials Vol. 2

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