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Prototype Developments

ECoLaSS will imply methodological developments, such as: (i) Sentinel-1/-2/-3 time series integration, (ii) time series pre-processing methods, (iii) thematic classification and (iv) change detection from time series analysis, and (v) the development of an incremental update methodology for the Copernicus Land High Resolution Layers (HRLs).


These methods will be applied on test sites, located both in Europe and Africa, prior to a prototyping phase. Larger demonstration sites representing various bio-geographic regions were selected to implement the following innovative prototypes:

  1. indicators and variables from high spatial and temporal resolution data, for both the Continental and Global component products

  2. incremental update strategies for the main pan-European products (i.e. the HRLs)

  3. improved permanent grassland identification

  4. crop area and crop status/parameters monitoring

  5. further novel LC/LU products











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