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Improved Grassland Prototype

The prototype for grassland aims at improving the existing HRL2015 Grassland mask. The investigations focus on various grassland product and production aspects: the use of EO input data, the data analysis approaches, the automation of processes and the development of new products which are of significant interest for users. The main requirements addressed during testing and prototype are:

  • Input Data: Full use of complete Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 time series in order to provide a seamless,
    wall-to-wall product where data gaps due to cloud cover have been mostly eliminated

  • Production: Improved level of automation of processes to accelerate processing time

  • Product definition: Improved thematic classification accuracy; improved resolution of 10m (MMU of 1 ha)

  • New products: Investigate a future change detection and a further grassland discrimination between e.g. intensively managed (frequently cut grassland) and extensively managed (more natural, extensively used or grazed grassland);

  • Methodology: Design a fully integrated SAR/optical time series analysis approach to benefit from multi-sensor characteristics.

Based on these requirements one prototype on improved permanent grassland identification has been developed as part of WP 43 and tested on a selection of sites. A detailed product description is available for download here. The prototypes are available in a WMS viewing service hosted at Furthermore the complete prototype data sets are available for download in GeoTiff format below.




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